decembrie 06, 2011


- I.
-I! You don't remember me?
-I'm your best friend.
-No, you are not! I don't have friends.
-But you could have.
-Why would I want? They're all fool! I don't care about them.
-But you should.
-I was one of them, but I found out that they are thievish.
-Maybe you should stay whit them.
-Ohh... you are like my mother.
-I am more bad than her.
-I'm your conseience, the old conseience.
-Its not true. How?
-So, its hapenend. I miss you.
-I'm not missing you!
-But I have to stay here.....forever!
-We shel see that!
-Maybe, but I don't go from here.
-You annoy me!

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