ianuarie 06, 2012

The Fight!

This is not or is.
This is forever or never.
This in love or hate.
This is real dead or shinigami.                                               
Thia is pink or black.
This is j-music or k-music.
This is real or anime.
This is "TO BE" or "TO HAVE".
This blood or ketchup.
This is horror or cute.
This is the end or the began.
This is sad or happy.
We are normal people or demons.
Is not between piano and guitar.
Is not between summer and winter.
Is not between "new" and "old".
Is not between the sun and the moon.
Is not between Rusia and Romania,
Or North Korea and South Korea.
Is not between Maria and Olga.
Is not between love and hate ♥/8-x
This, is between you and me!
Do not enter other people in this game.

1.Stiu ca nu rimeaza.
2.Nu am avut ce face , de'aia a iesit atat de prost
si 3. .............. imi pare rau :(( gomeee :(( 
shinigami= inchipuirea mortii, cea cu coasa ;))  

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